Imagine a close encounter with wildlife as if starring in a National Geographic documentary; and getting in touch with Mother Nature in her purest, most untouched form—Tabin Wildlife Reserve gives you this and more.

Nestled amidst 120, 500 hectares of dipterocarp rainforest, Tabin Wildlife Reserve is home to various endangered wildlife such as the Borneo Pygmy elephant, the Sumatran rhino, Tembadau and exotic birdlife. Wildlife photography aficionados and birdwatching enthusiasts will find their visit to Tabin a truly priceless experience!

Enhance your life with the experience of rainforest life as you listen to the calming sounds of nature in Tabin. Covered in euryspecies of lowland rainforest, Tabin nurtures a colossal number of tropical plants; some of which are rich in medicinal and therapeutic values.

Pamper your skin by indulging in Tabin’s mineral-rich mud volcanoes and salt springs. This gift of nature also serves as salt-lick for the wildlife and bird populations. Naturalists can drink in the best of nature’s offering by trekking through the rainforest for a journey of 23 kilometers. Along the way, there are also campsites for overnight stays.

After an exhilarating adventure, make your way to Sunbird Café to have your meal served, chill out, and share your venture experience with other like-minded visitors. Dubbed the “happening place” to eat, a must-try dish in this café would be the pakis dish—where tender tips of wild fern, a healthy vegetable abundantly growing in Tabin, are whipped to a meal of perfection. Following a sumptuous meal, sit back and relax as you sip coffee while enjoying the spectacular view of the forest and the river nearby.

Whether you’re a wild adventure seeker, an environmentalist earth mother, a photography lover, an animal activist, or simply just someone looking out for something fun; Tabin extends her arms in welcome. Here, you’ll get a taste of nature like nowhere else.