Do you yearn to be part of something Big, Inspiring, and Dynamic? Want to belong to an Amazing Team whose goal is to Defy All Odds and prove to the world that "Anything is Possible?" If your forte is planning incredible getaways, or juggling logistics, or managing people from all walks of life, or even if you are unsure what role best suits your flair but you have a passion for life and true living - Join Us Now! Learn more about job-scopes and team roles here!

Amazing Borneo Fun Team



Responsible for providing attentive, cheerful and professional service to all travelers. A persuasive flair and excellent interpersonal skills when selling tours and organizing tailor-made experiences. Able to work under-pressure and cope with demanding and sometimes strange requests by guests, like predicting the weather forecast.


Passionate, charismatic and loves the wild and great outdoors. Has an endless list of fun-facts, How-to, knowledge nuggets about flora, fauna and destinations. Knowing how to and a sense of humor is of course a plus.


Someone who loves taking the wheel, who has a fondness for long and safe drives, and fun chats with people from all over the world. A Bus Captain is required to have basic knowledge on tourist attraction destinations, scenic routes and alternative routes when the weather gets rough and a hunch on possibly the best sunrise/sunset spots.


Calculative, a love affair with numbers and all the ways of frolicking with digits. Responsible for keeping track of accounts, book-keeping, financial statements and company expenses.


Fun-loving, quick-witted ninjas leaving footprints in both the digital and tangible world. Able to cook-up marketing initiatives, public relation strategies and exciting campaigns for the public to engage in, brain-storm ideas and opportunities to advertise and promote our hella awesome travel deals.


Chief commandos in all operational aspects to provide inspiring travel experiences. There is a lot of effort that goes into a single tour to run smoothly, well-timed coordination is as essential as up-keeping vehicle maintenance. Responsible for enforcing all operation procedures and protocol, analyze monthly reports and assigning daily tasks.


The team that deals with details. Reserve all form of bookings like your sea-view room requests or the lactose-intolerant meals you require. On matters of changes, cancellations, requests, the reservations team thrives on attentiveness and efficiency.


Develop the individual knack and talent of each employee in order for it to flourish in the working environment. Responsible in areas such as recruitment and hiring of talent, job assessment and people profiling, working conditions, implementation of policies and training opportunities to expand employee proficiencies.


Creative wizardry in drumming-up fresh web designs to inspire the audience, kick-ass graphics and latest web programming to keep ahead of changing times, and amazing contents to be sprinkled on marketing collaterals. Spot the cool wing dings on our web? Yeah, kudos to these brains!